Tactile & Open Source

The RaspTouch was developed as an open source player, allowing you to manage your music library as you wish using the software solution of your choice.

Audiophile Sound

Equipped with the latest ESS Sabre ES9018K2M Digital to Analogue converter, the RaspTouch can play High-End Hi-Fi sound.


Developed by audiophiles for audiophiles, this community continues to improve and bring new features to this great hifi player solution.

CNC Chassis

Available as a spare part the aluminum case allows you to create any other type of personal projects, as, Home Theater controller, Home Automation, professional displays, and many more, all of these using the official Raspberry Pi parts.

RaspTouch The ultimate Open Source Player

The RaspTouch was developed to offer to all audiophiles around the world a simple, stylish, affordable and above all High-Res compatible solution to play your favorite music.


By using Raspberry Pi, we are giving customers the possibility to choose the software solution that is best adapted to their needs. Solutions like piCore Player, KODI, Raspbian and Rune Audio, have been tested and they work with our RaspTouch. However if you are looking for a ready to use product, you can opt for the Rune Audio edition, just plug it in & play your music.


Let’s bring your music library to a higher level with our RaspTouch.


Capacitive touch screen interface for quick and easy control.

ESS SABRE DAC feed High-Res analog sound to your Hi-Fi amplifier with audiophile quality.

ES9023 or ES9018K2M version available.


Designed to work with most music-streaming services

Apple Music
Last FM


This Touch Screen audio player is very easy for use and will allow total control of your audio library.

Open Source software like RuneAudio, piCorePlayer, Kodi … offer a wide panel of uses.


Not a Linux user ?
Then opt for the ready to use Runeaudio edition.


Are you an Open Source enthusiast ?
Then have it your way (everything is possible from a Home automation control to an Android terminal)


DAC – Version ES9023:

  • I-Sabre V3 DAC ESS ES9023
  • High precision TCXO clock 0.5ppm ultra low jitter
  • Patented Time domain jitter eliminator®
  • Hyper-stream technology®
  • Dynamic range : 112 db
  • 24bit / 192khz
  • Output level : 2Vrms
  • Onboard power management to prevent Sd card corruption

DAC – Version ES9018K2M:

  • I-Sabre K2M ESS ES9018K2M
  • Hardware digital hardware volume control
  • high precision clock ultra low jitter
  • Patented Time domain jitter eliminator®
  • Hyperstream technology®
  • Dynamic range : 127 db
  • 64-bit accumulator and 32-bit processing
  • 32bit / 384khz
  • Output level : 2Vrms
  • Onboard power management to prevent Sd card corruption


  • 7″ official Raspberry PI touchscreen
  • Screen Dimensions: 194mm x 110mm x 20mm
  • Viewable screen size: 155mm x 86mm
  • Screen Resolution 800 x 480 pixels


  • Raspberry pi 3 model B
  • Quad Core Broadcom 2837 1.2ghz CPU
  • 1gb Ram memory
  • BCM43143 WiFi
  • Rj45 Lan port
  • HDMI out
  • 4 USB2 ports


  • Full aluminium CNC machined case with led power switch
  • Dimensions: 200x95x230 mm (175 x55 mm Rear plate)
  • Weight: 840g


Easy and high quality connection for APPLE devices.


Wide compatibility and up to CD quality


Android integration
Multiroom receiver
Potentially up to 24/192kHz


With piCoreplayer, connect to other Squeezebox Multiroom devices, many plugins are available


Lossless file format
Up to 32bit 768kHz


Uncompressed WAV
And even old MP3 🙂


Get playlists, podcasts, and your music into piCorePlayer

X264 Video

x264 is a free video software library developed by VideoLAN for encoding streams into H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format


Several versions exist so as to meet all your needs


Share your passion, ideas, and interest with one of the biggest communities of enthusiasts around the world




Touch screen friendly OS


Make sure your player doesn’t become obsolete with Raspberry PI base & opensource linux software

  • Start
  • 11-300x300.png

    How it all started

    Raspberry PI and software becomes viable solutions to play and manage music
    We should make hardware to create an audio player.
  • audiophonics-raspdac-dap-32bit384khz-starter-kit-1-300x267.png

    Our First RaspDAC

    Simple and fully functional ...
    it was an hopefull product but we can do better
  • IMG_0622-1-1024x574.png

    RaspDAC (R)Evolution...

    Totally rethought, this new Raspdac is featuring many more things such as ...
    100 % exclusive Aluminium Case, Oled display, ESS Sabre based DAC and power management
  • Volumio_touchscreen.png

    Touchscreen Prototype

    Following the release of the official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen, why not try to build a touch player !?
  • Rasptouch-1024x574.jpg

    First Sketch

    For many years now we have been looking for the best way to bring to the world the ideal audio player we have in mind.
    May the Touch be with us !
  • Rasptouch_11-1024x581.jpg

    3D Design

    Sturdy ok !
    Classy ok !
    Smart ok !
    Future proof ok !
  • 25-1024x1024.jpg

    3D Printed Prototype

    Touchscreen holding plate was the trickiest part to make ...
    But we did it.
    Let's go for a working prototype !
  • digi-1-1024x686.png

    Version LTE

    Following the success of the RaspDAC
    the lite version was designed without OLED screen
  • 121212-1024x768.png

    Getting real !

    First final prototype just out of the CNC machine and before fine sanding. Looks pretty pretty good !
  • boitier-1.png

    Finally, all parts put together !

    Let's put some hardware in it and start testing
  • rich_features_21-1.jpg

    It is alive !

    Let's bring it to the world
  • kickstarter-button.jpg

    KICKSTARTER Campaign launched